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With a complete lack of greenbacks, I sink.
October 10, 2004, 8:54 pm
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Another new show for you all. Check out the audio page.
07/01/2000 – San Francisco, CA

This is the last show Weezer performed on the Warped Tour. If you’re an audiophile or bootleg trader, you might want to check out the torrent seed with the lossless SHN files here.You’ll have to sign up at easytree.com before you can download it. Mmmmm audio. If you’re one of those people that likes video too, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to post mpegs of the new St. Paul show, but I might seed the DVD files at sharingthegroove.org. I’m not sure how many people actually have access to a DVD burner though… Meh. Post more comments, this place isn’t lively enough.


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i have a dvd burner.

Comment by Tony Galloro

I haven´t

Comment by degen

it’d be really cool if you seed the dvd 🙂 and yes, i have a dvd burner too.

Comment by samuel

why is it that every time i post a torrent sharingthegroove goes down…? eueuch.

Comment by benji

yeah, thats a bad coincidence 😦

i think you should try easytree (www.easytree.org)

Comment by samuel


Comment by Christie

wow dude, is anyone here except me?

Comment by Christie

You don’t have to determine how hot he is based on the way he sounds. I mean, I still have that Air Guitar tryout video he made.

Comment by Eric

what video?

Comment by Christie

He made a fake(?) video for tryouts for the world air guitar champion and posted it on here. …Justifying it by using a Weezer song in the tryouts.

Comment by Eric

euch people still have that? you can (should) delete that. it wasn’t even good air guitaring.

Comment by benji

its because weezer are being old women about getting this new album out. Things will pick up. 2005 will be alot like 2001-02 IMHO

Comment by Brodie

haha that is a bad coincidence that it went down right now. I blame interscope.

And didn’t Hashpipe win the World Air Guitar championships one year?

Comment by Brodie

well… someone air guitaring to hash pipe won in 2001 or 2002.

Comment by benji

yeah i think someone did

Comment by Christie

weezer is the greatest band ever created in the world. nothing else compares.

Comment by Weezerismygod

Best Weezer bootleg (both in audio quality and overall goodness): what is it? I’m going to have to assume it’d be something from their earlier days. That last bootleg posted, the five tracks from LA, absolutely rules and as I think I commented, it sucks that it’s only five tracks.

Comment by Mike

Excluding Bread.

Comment by Brodie

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