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My dragonaire kicked your ass.
November 21, 2004, 8:59 pm
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Seems that the site’s been hit by a spam-bot. But no worries, features have now been implemented that will hopefully prevent this. Some will still appear, since many set post dates in the future… Anyway, if anyone has any trouble posting comments, and you’re not a spam-bot, email me.

Now, down to business. As you may know, I’ve already recieved a free iPod online. Now I’m trying to get a free PC. Now, why should you help me? My current computer clocks in at about 500 MHz, which has made editing videos impossible. A new computer with a fast processor and better ram would allow me to get all these video boot I have online for you.
Secondly, as extra incentive, I’m offering free copies of bootlegs if you sign up for me. If you sign up with me as your referral, I’ll send you 5 bootlegs. If you get someone else to sign up too, I’ll send you 5 more.

What do you have to do for this?
-Sign up here. Use only this link!
-Complete one of the offers listed after signing up. Most require a credit card, however you can cancel just about anything. I did the myInks offer and canceled before they shipped and wasn’t charged. If the InFone offer is there, that one requires no credit card.
-Email me at cocoaben@woh.rr.com, telling me the email you signed up with, and the email of anybody else you have referred to my account.
-Then, if you want, get some of your own friends to sign up for you and you’ll get a free PC.

I don’t care if you refer 5 other people to my account, you’ll get 30 bootlegs. But DO NOT create multiple accounts yourself, it will put my account on hold and kill the entire thing. Lastly, this offer is only open to those in the USA. Help me!


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Comment by benji

What happens if we post… And it looks like SPAM?

Comment by Eric

then it still posts… the new script makes sure that comments can only be posted from the actual post, and not just through the script.
but if i looks like spam, it is spam. so don’t post spam, because i’ll rape you.

Comment by benji

i think i’m going to post some spam.

Comment by Christie

just kiddin’ guys

Comment by Christie


Comment by benji

happy turkey.

Comment by benji

i’ll definitely sign up as one of your 5 computer people.. i’m trying to get an iPod myself (now that i see it’s actually possible!)

Comment by Lis

the world needs more people like you.

Comment by benji

Would you like some soup?

Comment by Renaldo

what kind?

Comment by benji

Special robot kind.

Comment by Renaldo

Ipods are friggin expensive, and I am poor, so I settled for an mp3 manufactured in a sweatshop for a 100 bucks.

Comment by Renaldo

Tech Commandments are for shmucks

Comment by Renaldo

thats why you get a free ipod.
euuh and this goddamn spam. it’s unbearable.

Comment by benji

**shotts the spam akagillion times in the face** There. I killed it.

Comment by Renaldo

I spelt “shoots” wrong. Im such a rebel.

Comment by Renaldo

I dont know what to say, I just feel like being obnorxious and post useless information.

Comment by Renaldo

i think that fixed it…

Comment by benji

can you really post spam?

P.S i am not stupid for people who might think so.

Comment by sandra

well at least the spam bots would update once in a while, unlike this site.

Comment by bull

This site was updated a little while ago. With mp3s. And they’re still up. But the update is gone.

Comment by Eric

what the hell? maybe poopman did it? but i didn’t think he existed…

Comment by benji

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