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Hello hapless happenings.
January 1, 2005, 9:37 am
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Okay… so I guess the last post somehow dissapeared. Maybe it had something to with the bandwidth, or the fabled Poopman, or maybe Y2K+5…
Anyway, for those who didn’t actually see it I posted a new bootleg on the audio page.

11/02/96 – San Francisco, CA

Does anyone out there have the capability of converting from VHS to DVD? A better quality Lupo’s video is in it for you, and I guess an audio CD if you want one. I’m working on a new bootleg list that includes all of my bootlegs, not just Weezer. Cool! Haha! Jk jk.
See you hopefully before next month, though exams draw near.

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I can go from vhs to dvd

Comment by bull

i wish i could

Comment by nick

Put up the pointfest show next.

Comment by Ahmed

is that you malik?!

Comment by benji

I can convert from vhs to dvd and edit the shit and everything for you, if you want.

Comment by Jake

i like to hear that i’m fabled.

Comment by name

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