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The flyaway minions corroborate the reality.
January 13, 2005, 2:23 pm
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I just went over my stats and whatnot, and I’m impressed. Thanks for visiting so much! And even more thanks to the Nation for supplying me with the 40.5 GB of bandwidth that I used last month. As a reward for the amount of people visiting the site, and relative closeness to 200,000 visitors, I got rid of that annoying portal/entry page, and changed my email address! All email should now go to ben@weezed.com.

I am baffled by the lack of comments, though. So why don’t you all do me a favor and comment to tell me what you want to see at the site in the coming epoch. Like… more lyrics, site redesign, more press with magazine scans, more a/v or bootlegs… Tell me.
If you all remember (probably not), awhile back Modtang(?) started making a Weezer Merch Database/Archive, with merch and cds and whatnot. I think I might follow-up on that. I’ll need some help though.

Finally, I’m thinking about bringing someone else aboard the Weezed.com ship to help with posting Weezer news, and who is on the message boards enough to catch new rarities etc. soon after they’re released. If you think you’re qualified, email me. I need someone who preferably doesn’t already have a Weezer website, and can demonstrate at least some writing skills.

Oh yeah. And Weezer’s new single Beverly Hills comes out in the spring. We’ve only been waiting three years.

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Hurray for… Uhh… Using a lot of bandwidth. You should keep it goin’ and stuff. …And, uhh… Yeah. Work on your PHP, young man.

Comment by Eric

im guessing you were referring to me helping code when you sent me this?
whenglasscracks: hergumph

ill help you out with code so long as work this semester permits.

Comment by pooper

actually, i was gonna ask about add-on domains.

Comment by benji

and i think i actually figured it out, as opposed to anything that involves php…

Comment by benji

if you decide to go with PhP i know a few people that may be able to help you.

Comment by Justin

I’ve still got all the files and whatnot that I gathered for the merch db. It never got finished but if you want me to send it to you, email me. I still visit here, I just lay low these days. ;p

Comment by modtang

(computer science major)

Comment by pooper

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