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Was it a bar or a bat I saW?
January 22, 2005, 11:42 am
Filed under: Site News

The site’s getting close to its alloted bandwidth, so all the files on the audio page, except the 1996 show I posted a couple weeks ago, are down until February. While looking through my audio folder for the site, I noticed I had all the b-sides already uploaded… So I’ll get around to linking those soon. Oh, and the ghost of Weezer webmaster past has visited me, and may be donating some space and bandwidth to the weezed.com cause. Keep fingers/toes/other things crossed.


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okay, so we’re at 98% bandwidth right now… i’ll try to keep it contained, but i don’;t think its gonna happen.

Comment by benji

benji, next time let me know and you wont get suspended like that. idiot.

Comment by pooper

haha thanks mysky!
i was wondering how my site magically returned 2 days before it should.

Comment by benji

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