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Almonds crunchy chocolate bitter, yum!
February 1, 2005, 4:21 pm
Filed under: Media

The first two tracks of the new St. Paul video, Intro and The Good Life, are up on the video page. Not only is the video quality infinitely better than the previous mpegs I posted, but this is also a 3 (or maybe 4) camera mix, with the good quality audio added to every track. What the camera mix mean? It means more closeups, less zooming in and out, and different viewing angles. Good, eh? It is! Go ahead and download, there is more to come.


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Looks like someone forgot their semicolons. &nbsp.

Comment by Eric


Comment by benji

Thanks alot Benji

Comment by Thomas

very nice. o and hey benji, next time you’re on, remind me, i gotta question for ya.

Comment by Justin

Nice Vids…Great Quality. Thanks.

Comment by Weezfan

nice. very nice.

Comment by symmer17

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Comment by Free Mac Mini Relay

no, go away spambitch.

Comment by benji

bandwidth: over 55% used.

Comment by benji


Comment by Matt

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