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Ben Folds brought down the house.
February 21, 2005, 10:40 am
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The hub is back! Visit the hub page to get the new address and read the instructions. Just a quick note, more emphasis will be placed on lossless files in the new hub, but feel free to still trade mp3 and mpg, I know most Weezer material is in those formats. Thanks to Joe K. for running the hub’s server. It’s been a long time. Also, the fourth track of St. Paul, Hash Pipe, is up on the video page. Thanks to nickoberg for the help.


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Comment by name

try and spread the word as much as possible – the more users the better

Comment by Joe K.

definately. and the less i’ll get leeched… i have most everything, already. so c’mon!

Comment by benji

hey next time you get a chance if you can i’d like to see if i can get the ben folds show, or just the bitches aint shit. thanks.

Comment by Prezhulio

So I guess the hub is down.

Comment by Matt

it is still up

Comment by Joe K.

i was having some internet trouble on the weekend

Comment by Joe K.

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