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Sing with me a new song.
March 1, 2005, 6:16 am
Filed under: Weezer News

Beverly Hills video shoot at the Playboy Mansion. Looks like fun!


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Comment by Brodie

hey, i’ve got one of those.

Comment by benji

banjoman, ive been working on wla while ive had nothing to do this week… just a few more things to be finished and then im just gonna let it out into the wild. just giving you a heads up, as youre pretty much an admin. do you know of any other information hungry fools with nothing else to do? we could use a few more editors from the get-go.

Comment by pman


Comment by Matt

awesome. i still think the mp3 and vid links are ugly, though.

Comment by benji

p.s. that photo credit dealie is neat.

Comment by benji

well if you can make better images, go for it, but i dont care enough.

Comment by poopman


Comment by Brodie

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