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The hills are leaking, Ahab.
March 18, 2005, 11:59 am
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Yes, Beverely Hills has been leaked. A number of radio stations have begun to play the song, apparently despite instructions not to. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the song on the internet. Opinions? C’mon, you’ve all got em.


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I wish it hadn’t leaked until May 9th, so I’d have only have 1 day to wait before my fears were put to rest by the surely remarkable album “Make Believe.”

Comment by Brodie

any links to where i can find the song? it’s harder than i’d think it would be to find it.

Comment by grah

nvm. gotti.

Comment by grah

I think it’s cool how it’s different for a single. Good for them.

Comment by dan

where can i hear beverly hills i downloaded like 20 versions of blankness oh well if anyone reads this email me where i can hear it im phenin for the weez. Later

Comment by Trevor=w=

u know I want the spaces inbetween to be clean as well. im sorry, yeah its catchy but i wanna hear rivers sing not bust a rhyme. but i will support them none the less. on the upside the riff is pretty cool

Comment by PETE


Comment by Trevor=w=

It’s not even “busting rhyme.” Automobile doesn’t rhyme with “crap.” And the use of the word “whack” was questionable. It’s catchy, but the lyrics, the “rapping,” the lack of complexity in everything, as well as the wah make me want to not buy the album. As a single, it has failed its purpose (for me).

Comment by Eric

don’t worry trevor your not out of any loop.. just try some message boards.. like weezer.com/bboard/weezer/ or widf [p198.ezboard.com/fwidfplatinumfrm5].

Comment by nickoberg

and i found it , thanks alot guys appretiate it =D

Comment by Trevor=w=

if u wanna hear it theres a few versions including full … http://www.albumfive.com !! =w= lets just say im dissapointed this song does nothing for me damn whats with that wah ?

Comment by Trevor=w=

why does everyone feel like weezer owes them something? they’ve provided timeless music, released countless songs for FREE, and always kept fans in the loop. yet all the ‘true fans’ seem to do nothing but bash their work and cling to albums from a decade ago.

there isnt a weezer song I dont like. beverly hills is no exception. I’ve been listening to them since I was a kid, and I’ll never stop listening to them.

if you dont like what the band has ‘become’, then dont listen to them anymore. go find a new band to obsess over and repeatedly bash when they decide to advance themselves musically.

haters out, bring in the love.

Comment by boro

“…when they decide to advance themselves musically.”

Here’s a way to explain literally and directly, the devolution of the band.

“What could you possibly see in little ol’ three-chord me?”

You might notice, the verse to Bev. Hills is two chords. This is hardly “advanc[ing] themselves musically.”

Comment by Eric

apparently you need to consult your dictionary as to the various definitions of ‘advance’.

the kingsmen didnt use many chords, the kinks didnt, early beatles didnt, yadda yadda yadda.

the white stripes sold a ridiculous number of albums with ridiculously simple melodies and a drummer that has the coordination of an MS patient. it was still catchy, fun music.

you could sit and argue about the ‘technical’ aspects of the new weezer single in order to find fault, or you could get over it and go find a new band to pick apart.

they’re all talented musicians, regardless of what they play.

Comment by boro

I think an Ozmafans.com forum member summed it up really well:

“I honestly can’t believe how terrible this song is. After all of the hoopla about Rivers’ spiritual journies, his ephiphanies, his “blackbuster songs,” his “deep” lyrics, Rubin’s involvement, and the band members’ decision to take themselves more seriously, we get this?! I feel perfectly justified in calling this one of the worst songs the band’s ever recorded, which is really saying something. The lyrics? Mind-numbingly bad. The melody? What melody? The chord progression? Guffaw! The solo? You’re kidding, right?

All pro-BvH arguments are simply bad excuses for a bad song, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care about its purpose as a marketing tool and I don’t care about its “irony” – this song is bad, and I can only hope the rest of the songs on the album are much, much better.”

Comment by Eric

i like it….i don’t know why everyone keeps totally smashing the song.rivers said he wanted to try new stuff on this upcoming album.if you don’t like the direction weezer is going in,then stop dissing them and don’t buy the album!it’s kind of ignorant that fans of the band are always saying,”weezer hasn’t done anything good forever!what’s up with rivers and this piece of crap song?i think this new album’s gonna suck!!!ETC.”
if you’re a true weezer fan then you should stick by rivers/the band no matter what direction they go in.music’s all about expression…read between the lines.=w=

Comment by alexa

Weezer is .. WEEZER ok! , like it or hate it if u like old weezer u should like all weezer green albums pop-ness pumped up the amazing rough riffed maladroit beverley hills is nothing but an amazing track brought to you in part part sir rivers Cuomo. So enjoy and buy the album weezer love there new album or not owns.

Comment by T|2EV0|2.=w=

i was surprised at how rappy the song is it just isnt weezer. if he sang it instead of talk it it may have been better.

Comment by Bluealbumfan

if they did everything like when he sings the “i want to live like” that part and the chorus then it would be good

Comment by Bluealbumfan

you guys are fools.

this is more weezer than most of their songs.

and about the lyrics… jesus, read the lyrics to buddy holly. or el scorcho. this is weezer guys, it’s not pinkerton and it’s not the blue album, but its weezer in its current state. like it or hate it, if this were 1994, you’d be eating this up. stop being so up tight. weezer was never really an art-rock type band, they’ve always just put out simple pop rock melodies, and this is no different. this song has style, conviction, and it’s well executed, although simple. i don’t see whats not to like.

stop being so uptight about this band, it’s fucking weezer.

Comment by poopman

ill say what i want when i want

Comment by PETE

everyone just wait untill the album comes out because obviously the singles are usually the NOT so good songs the album is always alot better for the true fans..example.. in the garage kills buddy holly , across the sea owns any “single” from pinkerton and Fall together/possibilites is better then keep fishin/dope nose so all beverly hills is .. is a build up to the album so relax my finley featherd friend=w=

Comment by trevor

on the video page am i ever gonna be able to watch the rest of those live songs from say it aint so and on i downloaded and saved em all there amazing but all the great songs are un watchable will this be cured with time?

Comment by rivers

Prodigy Lover is amazing

Comment by rivers

i don’t know about anyone else, but i’m getting pretty sick and tired of people bitching about how much weezer sucks. if you think they suck, then why the fuck are you still roaming about their sites and their message boards constantly? weezer rocks, period. if you think they suck, then you have no right to be here. get the fuck out.

Comment by your face

i believe that the album is going to be really good, but i just do not feel BvH, not to say its a bad song but I just don’t like how its arranged and the lack of actual singing

Comment by PETE

Beverely Hills apologists should be ashamed of themselves. You give Weezer fans a bad name. Terrible song. Terrible.

Comment by ak

wow. you just said a mouthful, pal.

Comment by poopman

dont worry. rivarz will undoubtedly soon think that bvh is an awful song just as he thinks of all weezer songs.

Comment by wayacrossthesea

dude eric there are 3 chords in the verse of beverly hills, f, b flat, and c.

Comment by alex

Oh god shutttt up about how many chords the song is, it doesnt matter if its 3 or 30 in one…its how it sounds, and its sounds great sometimes less is more geez uv’e got alot to learn young one. weezer for life!

Comment by Black Album

I agree. Less can sometimes be better. Let’s take for example, Undone. Undone was good because it had interesting lyrics. It was sung. And it had non-just-straight-g-c-d-c sections. This, however, lacks pretty much all of those elements. I remember a comment someone made awhile ago, something along the lines of “What bassist wouldn’t quit Weezer? I mean, have you listened to Only in Dreams?” This is one of those situations. The bass line (and let’s include drums in this category) is your basic garage rock, just follow the guitar, shit. I know Scott and Pat are capable of more than that. (And I didn’t even realize that Brian existed until the solo kicked in.) At one point, Weezer managed key changes, they managed to sneak in slide guitar, they did the break down thing really well. To me, that sounds great. It’s musically advanced, you could say. Have I heard any of these things in the past six years? No. What happened? Jesus. It’s agrivating how I can’t convince you people that this song is terrible.

Comment by Eric

how many albums have you sold eric? how many fans do you have? weezer has got to be doing something right. there is just something in rivers’ voice that will keep bring me back.

Comment by nickoberg

yah well lets just say it aint no hash pipe/photograph THE best weezer songs weezer should stick to power pop they own the world.

Comment by trevor james

I did not hink beverly sucks,though the “rap” thing is a bit off sometimes.I think Rivers is trying to try somethin new, and theres no shame in that.Besides why would you want a “new”say it aint so when we already have the perfect one?Changes isnt all that bad.I thinbk beverly is a an experimenting song,just to try a new sound.

Comment by Jag

oh rivers. let me blow you.

Comment by ak

i agree as well.
i love you rivers.
we totally changed the whole convo.
rivers…..you’re single right????
i’m legal in three years!
god i’m so fucking retarded.

Comment by alexa

if u knew anything about weezer you would know he only likes asian girls so stop gettin ur hopes up WEEZER 4 LIFE

Comment by =w=Trevor

i’m very dissapointed with this song…is a boring song…seems like a loop…
I’ll wait for MAKE BELIEVE in a very nervous wave.
(Sorry for my english…hahaha)

Comment by Don ivancho

At first I thought this song really sucked, but it’s really grown on me. Can anyone honestly say it hasn’t been stuck in their heads? I mean that guitar solo roolz! Ok it’s not as good as their earlier stuff, but Weezer are getting older and therefore their music is changing. Maybe some people should realise that.

Comment by Tomithy

im a big pinkerton weezer type of guy and i was dissapointed at this song at the first couple hearings but im proud to say it has grown on me .. this is a good party spring type of song to groove too .. and hey, the lyrics sound personal, similar to “the good life” .. i want album five now!!

Comment by o jon is on


Comment by =w=

I’ve been waiting for this album to long for it to be completely disappointing. The first time I listened to it I thought it was just some new pop sensation and then I saw it was weezer… I was really quite disappointed. I like the song but I expected more from them.

Comment by katie

Oof…the slagging the Weezer boys are taking! I thoroughly enjoy this song…I can’t get it out of my head. Energetic, catchy, and full of biting irony with a dash of social commentary and a wee bit of good advice at the end. Great, if you like that sort of stuff, which I do. Kind of like the US version of “The Office”, it should (be allowed to) stand well enough on its own, despite the slagging it gets from hipper-than-thou wankers.
This song also reminds me somewhat of “Girls and Boys” by Blur, another ironic commentary on society that was energetic and catchy…and the song that broke Blur in Britain. It too was the lead single for its album, and wasn’t exactly typical of said album, either. (Not that there really was a typical song on “Parklife”.)

Comment by SWalkerTTU

Hey, i’ve just recently gotten into Weezer, mostly from this site. I agree that their old stuff used to be awesome. I mean, go over to the media section of this site, and listen to the live versions of “Buddy Holly”, “El Schorcho”, and “Sruf Was America” from their Houston, TX show. Good basslines, good energy, and the crowd singing along. It’s definately what i’d call “fun” music.

The problem is, Rivers Cuomo got offended when Pinkerton was rated as terrible when it came out, so he’s afraid to write anything at all “personal.”, so this is why we have this midnless “noise”, because he doesn’t want to talk about what he has to talk about.

Because of “Beverly Hills”, i’ve completely lost any and all faith I had in music in general getting good again; The song’s just what I like to refer to as “noise”, and the video’s almost embarassingly lame. Especially the way Hugh Heffner says “. . .Don’t bring too many DUDES.” . . .ugh. But, The only two semi-redeeming wualities about the song, is the opening drum roll, and the way he’s smoking the pipe before, and after he talks to Heffner. lol

But, Rivers said in a magazine interview that he leaves his album completely under control of the record companies, so maybe they released the most mindless “pop” song first? Without rambling TOO much more, we’ll have to wait and listen.

Comment by Mike Mitchell

I don’t like hearing people say, “If you’re a true fan, you’ll stick by Weezer with whatever direction they wish to take their music.” Even if it’s boring, repetitive, and it fits in with Good Charlotte rock? I’m not afraid to say it does.
I think Rivers needs to get a grip on music, not commercial media bull. listen to your old records, Rivers. There’s a reason why that won fans that have stuck with the band for 10 years.

Comment by dave

This website is so gay

Comment by HotChick

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