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No need for a Uhaul, these days.
March 21, 2005, 5:30 pm
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Here are the tenative North American tour dates before they hop over the pond for the month of June.

4/26 – Vancouver, BC
4/27 – Seattle, WA
4/29 – San Francisco, CA
4/30 – Indio, CA @ Coachella Music Festival
5/3 – Minneapolis, MN
5/4 – Chicago, IL
5/5 – Detroit, MI
5/6 – Toronto, ON
5/8 – Boston, MA
5/10 – Philadelphia, PA
5/11 – New York, NY
5/12 – New York, NY
5/14 – Atlanta, GA

I’m sure there are a lot of you that would like to join in my lement of the brevity of this tour… but they’ll be back. They always come back.

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Are u serious!??!?!?!? WHATTTTT come on F*** rivers your in WEEEZER tour moreeee this is bulll and a half

Comment by =w=Trevor

well we all knew how many american dates there were gonna be… it was just a question of where they were. and unfortunately, none are closer than 3 hours to me.

Comment by benji

relax, they’ll be back, a full late summer/fall tour is already being planned and will be ‘confirmed’ on weezer.com when they feel it’s necessary.

Comment by poopman

well i live in Hamilton,ON like 45 minutes away from toronto im going for sure but still toronto sucks.

Comment by Trevor

My closest one is 5 hours away. Am I going? Fuck right. Quit bitching.

Comment by Brodie

ill be hiting nyc on the 11 or 12 of May

Comment by pete (weezerisland)

whatever happend to weezerisland.com? i tried goin to it like 10 times never works no more

Comment by =w=Trevor

i got the album make believe my drummers mom is a radio dj wooooo its the full 100% album make believe siick.

Comment by =w=Trevor


Comment by TonyG

sure im lying haha not why would i lie bout haven the album im listening to it its great dont matter to me what u think.

Comment by Trevor

share then.

Comment by TonyG

college is what hppened to weezerisland.com

Comment by pete (weezerisland)

how do i share…. i really have the album man i aint lyin i love the weez more then any1… trust me im 18 i have the album……. but how do i share… i aint really a “computer smart” nerd kinda guy …. id love to share tho……=w=EEZER 4 PREZ

Comment by Trevor

if you really had the album you would know how to post it for us.

Comment by biff

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