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Higher waveforms increase sexual drive.
March 22, 2005, 3:46 pm
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Someone got hold of a promo CD today and shared mp3s with the world. You can try to find a working link in this thread at the .com bboard. I must say that after hearing a good quality version of the song, my opinion of it has improved greatly. Pretty good guitar and drum sound, I think. And the drumroll… hahahaha oh Weezer.


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exactly … BvH has a fast drumroll intro on the album its sick like American Gigolo minus the cymbals and sped up =w=eezer 4 life

Comment by =w=Trevor

death and destruction, maybe

Comment by benji

It’s fucken catchy. I hated it the first time I heard it, and now I can’t get the chorus out of my head. D’oH!

Comment by modtang

It is really catchy. I would like to add maybe we will have a #1 album on our hands if this keeps building up like it is.

Comment by Coop

you’re all correct….
the song is totally addictive.i can’t get enough.

Comment by alexa

who said it first? el scorcho, assholes.

Comment by poopman

poop has always been correct!

Comment by nickoberg

The song is NOTHING like Scorcho.

Comment by Brodie

haha weezer is pu**y music new song sucks no talent weezer is lame

Comment by scott

you’re an idiot brodie.

Comment by poopman

ya well looks like i aint goin to weezer it sold out in 9 minutes F$*#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by trevor

It’s a lot like El Scorcho, which is why I think it’s only “ok”.

Comment by symmer

this song sounds nothing like el scorcho go some some more crack u idiot

Comment by trevorjames

ok, ill go “some some crack”. i never said anything about it sounding like el scorcho.

Comment by poopman

wasnt talkin to u anyways and i meant smoke crack obviously

Comment by t

benji, stop. i mean it. im putting you at 50, and if you go over that next month, you’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Comment by poopman

is anyone else severely dissapointed in the new site?

Comment by dan

yeah…its not as good as the last one.

Comment by alexa

My main beef with thew new site is that it scrolls like ass in Firefox–and I’ve had this be the case on two different computers.

Hey Benji, the St. Paul vids don’t work right now, and that makes baby Jesus sad. :\

Comment by Mike

sftbh.com sucks

Comment by poopman

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