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April 7, 2005, 9:07 pm
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I know you want em, now you got em. The Maladroit demos are now up for download. Click here. Maybe I’ll make it look pretty (usable) later. I’m missing a few, but their existance has not been confirmed. For example, I don’t think the So Low SNS demo exists online. If you have any of the others, drop me a line at ben@weezed.com.

BBC demos: keep fishin’, saturday night, zep song
SNS demos: so low
1/9/02: change the world

Thanks to Boston residents Tory and Apollo Sunshine for hooking me up! Also, thanks to fellow Boston resident Skyler for hooking me up as well!


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Apollo Sunshine is sweet.

Comment by Drew

Everyone make sure to check out Apollo Sunshine. They are awesome and deserve your support.

Comment by Tory

most of the demos are much better than the songs the made it on the CD.

Comment by Justin

oh and benji, did u get into JONAS? i just got my acceptance today, it’s rad.

Comment by Justin

That’s actually “coo-coo-cachoo”

Comment by wayacrossthesea

boston is a good place in general, i guess.

Comment by poopman

where from does this beatles lore emit?

Comment by benji

thanks for the 4demos

Comment by simpleton

No Benji had it right, if u dont think so look up the lyrics.

Comment by Marz12

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