Weezer – Riff Raff

Lost parchment and burned drugs.
April 12, 2005, 9:06 pm
Filed under: Weezer News

Number 12 in Blender’s “20 Songs You Must Download This Month”. They must know something we don’t…

Also, Weezer is playing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Las Vegas. Free for the first 50,000 to ask for tickets! Cool. More summer tour dates are to come, I hear.


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I know I’m a bit late, but I love the new site design.

Comment by jonas

Nice fake picture you jerk. Thanks for lying dude.

Comment by Alexx

its not a fake picture…

Comment by benji

it’s probably either that we’re all on drugs will come out as a single this month and we haven’t been told officially yet, or they’re expecting that the album will leak this month on the intarnet.

Comment by kyle

i think its because they got the sampler disc that rolling stone got and assumed that it was all over the internet by now.

Comment by benji


Comment by poopman

haha, look familiar? this color goes so well with the background i picked!

Comment by benji

got my sweet JONAS stuff today benji, it’s pretty good stuff.

Comment by Justin

i like the pictures.

oh yea, benji, you’re at 96% bandwidth as of right now, and i cant give you more this month! just cant do it, not enough to go around.

Comment by poopman

yeah, i shut down all the a/v, but it was too late.

Comment by benji

put the comments back

Comment by poopman

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