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Jules couldn't have explained it more proficiently.
April 21, 2005, 8:40 pm
Filed under: Site News

Well, the site was in the process of going under due to excessive bandwidth usage, but the bostonian stallion was kind enough to allow a couple more gigs to at least keep the news page alive. You can also still download the Maladroit demos here. I’ll post some new, new St. Paul vids in the downtime before the start of next month.

Also, just about 18 more days before Make Believe hits shelves. Save up some nickels. Also, no leak yet… almost unheard of! Bravo. It won’t be long, though.

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who is this mythical bostonian stallion? also, you are using a shit ton of bandwidth for only MP3’s and I commend you for accomplishing this monstrous task.

Comment by Tory

paul reveere, imo.

Comment by poopman

2 days my friend… 2 days and you’ll get what’s coming to you (shaking fist)

Comment by Justin

yes, finally a leak (bad quality, but anyway…)! i downloaded it at weezernerds > av section…

Comment by aneurysm

this is more of a sneak… i’ll wait for a proper leak to listen to the rest, i think.

Comment by benji

😦 cry me a rivers

Comment by songsfrommyblackhole

okay, it is properly leaked now.

Comment by benji

BENJI! did you get your stuff in the mail yet?

Comment by Justin

benji… important… we need to talk about future hosting… you me and andrew i think… maybe that albumfive.com kid too… real important, i dont know how much longer you can freeload

Comment by poopman

that means i can’t freeload… damnit… fine then… i can always do the paypal thing for it? maybe?

Comment by Justin

haha boy did you call that one.

Comment by Brodie

no asshole, thats for charity.

Comment by poopman

benji, since you vanished without a trace..

we’ve almost hit our bandwidth limit, shut down your site, and launched the live chive. trying to bring you up to date, for when you come back to life…

Comment by poopman

cd quality leak… showed up on verizon’s newsgroups around 4/24.

Comment by barnaby

yes, i know….

Comment by benji

Hey, are ya planning on putting up any more St. Paul vids in the near future? I feel like a real asshole asking that, but the ones you’ve posted already are great!

Comment by Mike

benji get on aim

Comment by poopman

new videos…woah. Thanks

Comment by nnn

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