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May 13, 2005, 6:17 am
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The first New York show at Roseland Ballroom on May 11th is now available here (flac, requires registration at dimeadozen.org) or here (mp3). The sound is quite acceptable. The bass is a bit soft, but everything else is pretty strong. You need to know how to use bittorrent and flac to even bother downloading the lossless files.
You can also get the Toronto, ON show from May 6th here (flac) or here (mp3).

Now, if you download the mp3 versions DO NOT trade them without informing your partner that they’re mp3 sourced, and there are lossless versions available. Better yet, don’t trade them!


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eh, posted the torrent file to download wouldn’t do any good.
What is “members only operations mode” and how does it work?


dimeadozen.org has a new method for associating peers on torrents with usernames. There are no more anonymous peers listed only by their IP addresses. Every participant in a swarm must be recognized by the tracker as a known user.

We now have personalized .torrent files. Every user has a 128-bit binary keycode. When you download a .torrent file, or when you click the link to it to open it directly, the site will serve you a special version with your keycode built in. When you connect to a swarm, the tracker recognizes you by the personalized .torrent file you use.

We no longer depend on matching the IP address of a peer announcement with the IP address of a recent web page request, and that’s especially good news for AOL users. You do not have to stay logged into the web site, nor do you have to refresh a web page before announcing just to get the right username into the peer list and correct accounting for your transfers.

Comment by benji

i’ve seen FLAC, but how do you convert it?


Comment by nickoberg

you can convert it to wav using flac frontend. but there really isn’t any reason to do it unless you want to burn it to a cd.

Comment by benji

i dont get this flac or torrent stuff i just tried openin it with media player, doesnt work how do i watch the toronto show/

Comment by trevor

either download the mp3s or download the flac plugin for winamp. go to http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html for more info.

Comment by benji

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