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Festival of lightweights.
May 17, 2005, 6:24 am
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Check out the audio page for an good quality boot of the Coachella show. This is probably the best boot of the tour yet. More later.
If I screwed up a link, tell me and I’ll fix it. All the mp3s are there, though. No flac just for this show.

Note- It was bound to happen … I’ve run out of bandwidth on my media account!


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Track 9 will not download for me. Thanks!

Comment by hotdogjones

very nice site.

Comment by w

yeah, waaod doesnt work for me either.

thanks so much for getting all this stuff! rock!

Comment by ben

waaod is broke.

Comment by greg

WAAOD is broken.

Comment by name

is this the remastered?

Comment by poopman

it is fixed, children of the corn.

Comment by benji

thanks! I hope the Atlanta show was taped!

Comment by hotdogjones

you gotta get the Detroit show for me and steve, mr. ben.

Comment by Justin

i believe YOU are the ones that should have gotten it for ME

Comment by benji

oh, and i’m still looking for the perfect cookie

Comment by benji

benji need money by the 23rd the latest. up front would be cool.

Comment by poopman

i got hit for 20 dollars in bandwidth overages. i am emailing my host right now to find out why, since it is set to automatically shut you off when i get close to the limit, but we will see what happens. anyways, right now that is 20 bucks out of my pocket, so i am a little angry (but not at you).

Comment by tory

yeah i wanted to record the show and i had my digital recorder and shit ready (which either way woulda been poor quality due to the loudness, etc) BUT cops were next to us and almost kicked us out cause he saw the lit up screen on my camera when i took a couple pics, so if i did record any audio it woulda been muffled in my pocket. and i guess some people got booted outta the show for having picture phones out… poor lil fellers.

Comment by Justin

benji. why are you never on aim.

Comment by poopman

because i have schoolwork to finish 😦
and tory, i can send you a cookie as well, i never meant for you to get hit with charges… 😦 😦

Comment by benji

(still waiting for cookie)

Comment by Justin

I talked to my host and they got rid of the fee because your hosting was supposed to get cut off automatically to avoid charges. they said it was some bug in their control panel software that they reported to their developers or whatever.

Comment by tory

benji i really think you might have ADD…


need money by the 23rd the latest..

Comment by poopman



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