Weezer – Riff Raff

Poison on my surface.
June 1, 2005, 8:04 am
Filed under: Media

The next three tracks from the new St. Paul vid are up on the video page. They are Getchoo, Dope Nose, and In The Garage. Bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem (for now, anyway), so download at will.


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When are you posting the rest of the show?

Comment by antonio

benji, bandwidth is gone until the 17th.

Comment by tory

that was quick! wooho!

Comment by benji

uhh benji? you got spam.

Comment by poopman

Nah. Those were obviously legitimate users.

Comment by Eric

man, benji is like me, circa 2003-2004.

Comment by poopman

hey ben, do you think i could get a user name, etc. to the new FTP so i can load up a few updates on the Damn Kids site?

Comment by Justin

T-Minus 20 days till Weezer.:)

Comment by trevor

woooooo this place is outta control, yeah?

Comment by benji

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