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July 9, 2005, 6:35 am
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Apparently Much Music has Weezer’s new video for “We Are All On Drugs”. Check it out at their site! The rare footage was salvaged from the 80s metal band Grim Reaper. Hah!


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is that fucking real?

Comment by pete

I searched and couldn’t find it.

Comment by Brodie


Comment by name

that cant be real.

Comment by blake

It’s real.

Comment by Mike

it’s 1/2

Comment by splt

Thats Lame, There making a real video for it.. But i think This is such a pity should be the next single…. we are all on drugs is kinda corny it seems every album has a single with drugs. ex: hash pipe,dope nose,we are on drugs. i dunno i think Make believe has the caliber to have 3 singles maybe 4 hopefully they make a video for Pity thatd be great thats all i gotta say thanks. Trevor.

Comment by Trevor


Comment by denny

the song is great, but i think might get misconcieved as like, a drug anthem. for ex. a guy next to me kept on yelling “i’m on drugs, whoo!” at the ac show.. haha. i think there are some really great songs to draw from from the album, and i hope that this is such a pity, perf. sit., or haunty you every day get consid. maybe rivers should think which song he feels most comfortable with live at concert as a factor as to the third single? just a thought.

Comment by denny

hopefully people won’t confuse it as something worth listening to, IMO.

Comment by gbs

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