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Okay choose an undergraduate for me.
April 10, 2006, 11:11 pm
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Since when is this site popular? Easy on the bandwidth, guys…
I’ll take the videos down soon, I guess. 10 GB in a day is too much for a site that’s never updated, I think.

edit- okay they’re down for the month


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notre dame, wash u in st. louis, ohio state

Comment by ben

sup- you can basically just get rid of your site and upload everything to mine, so i can have it up on reewez.tk at no cost to you. i haven’t done anything with my webspace in months, i’ve been too busy, but we share a host so it’s pointless to have so many. hit me up.

Comment by =the anti-favre=

*so many different sites. and i’ll buy some of your weezer stuff too mebbe.

Comment by =the anti-favre=

hey, what’s up with not being able to login to the FTP? did you change the password? you crafty devil..

Comment by Justin

cpanel sometimes resets those at random for some reason. hit me up on aim and i’ll fix it. anti-farve: why don’t you just get rid of your site?

Comment by ben

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