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Systems check: REBOOT
June 15, 2006, 8:44 am
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Okay everybody, we’re going to play a game. It’s called “Blow the Bandwidth”.
Here’s how it works. I’m going to upload every single one of my Weezer files soon. See them here. Then for every good comment on this post I will allow a Gigabyte of transfer up to whatever I have to use. You have until Monday to comment. Go!

Edit 6/19 – I’ve just read the Rivers interview and I’m very happy to see that Rivers is riding scooters. I too am a scooter enthusiast and would like to congratulate him on joining the club.


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good comment

Comment by rather_dashing

Looks good man! I’ll be looking to grab those soundboard recordings! Thanks!

Comment by Brady

I think I may have most of these but I’m always down to look into files I don’t have. Thanks Benji, a real lot!

Comment by rob

looks good. willing to check out the cover albums and demos.

Comment by mike

cool. i have looked for some of those cover albums and need some of the demos. thanks

Comment by mike

awesome thanks

Comment by symmer


Comment by Rivers

good comment! good comment!

Comment by gabe

this is a good comment. keep rockin’!

Comment by name

dang it! am i too late?? i want that irvine 8/9/2002 show so bad. must still be my favorite live show i’ve ever been to of theirs. maybe i didnt miss it? it was my birthday saturday too… darn. late bday present maybe benji?? anywho… been coming here for a longgg time. i like how you changed it up.

Comment by ron

the irvine vid i have blows, but i’ll upload the audio. i didn’t know weezernation didn’t have it up.

Comment by ben

It is after monday, but I care not. Eat good comment.

Comment by Brodie

thanks benji! if you could do that, that would be very awesome of you!!! yeah, ive been checking weezernation for over a year to see some one would ever post it… but to no avail… no one has yet. : (

Comment by ron

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