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August 30, 2007, 5:10 pm
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Hey everybody. A pretty unique situation has presented itself to me recently…
An bootleg trader from the past has come out of the woodwork and offered me his massive collection of Weezer bootlegs. I traded with him once before (thats where most of the unreleased pre-2001 bootlegs I’ve posted came from), but now he just wants to unload everything. His interest in both Weezer and bootleg traded have waned away to nothing.

This is where you come in… He would like to recoup some of the costs associated with building this collection, which is mostly the huge amount of money spent on postage, packaging, and compact discs. I’m not about to drop a bunch of cash on Weezer bootlegs while I’m in the middle of college, but if you want to help this collection see the light of day leave a comment here or email me at martin_AT_weezed_DOT_com.

NO this is not paying for bootlegs, its more like paying him back for postage and CD-Rs. There are over 75 shows in this collection, many of which have never been released. If somebody else ends up with the collection it will probably stay that way, too.
I’ll see if I can get a list of the shows, but I want to gauge interest before I spend time and effort coordinating this.

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does he still have them? i will pay if ALL of them (even the dupes) can be properly ripped in EAC to FLAC. in fact, i will do it myself to make sure it is perfect. i can not host the flacs or mp3s of them though. but i can send them to you.

i am very interested in the absolute highest quality of every weezer song ever made being released. most current bootlegs are 192kbps mp3 and even lower. that’s why even already released shows interest me too.

Comment by nobody.here

i know exactly what you mean.
weezer fans have always been tops as far as file sharing and internet communities, but even a couple years ago distributing lossless audio to a mass audience was just about impossible. hence a few hundred freely available mp3 bootlegs.

anyway, i don’t know the status of the collection, i haven’t talked to this guy in a couple months. i will try to get in touch though and just make the deal, then hopefully recoup my costs, since there seems to be a fair amount of interest in them.

Comment by Benji

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