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December 24, 2007, 12:01 am
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Merry Christmas.

Your gift (besides the obvious gift of resurrecting this site after being annihilated) is the rebirth of the Weezer Media Archive, now hosted here. I was able to piece it together using an old backup I had made plus archive.org, but I’m still missing a couple jpgs and articles. I’ll try to get in touch with Merkin sometime. I’d like to bring back the Live Archive that was up at Weezernation since I wasted invested so many hours in it over the years. Skyler blocked me on AIM (hah!), but I will try to get in contact with him. If you’re reading this p00perz, send me your backup and I’ll send you my luv.


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Hey what’s your AIM, I used to have a bootleg and I’m trying to get it again in mp3 format and you said you have it on the bootlegs page.

Comment by Rod

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