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Since when is 12 hours a geologic time frame?
September 12, 2008, 3:51 am
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Across the Sea – Live in Japan, 2005
[MPEG-1] 73.5 MB – 320×240
[Quicktime] 105.4 MB – 640×480

Dope Nose – Live in Japan, 2005
[MPEG-1] 47.5 MB – 320×240
[Quicktime] 83.61 MB – 640×480

Here’s the next two videos. Across the Sea is really great to see. Sorry that the HQ quicktime file isn’t up, I guess I overlooked it when I was uploading. I’m actually doing all the video work on campus, which is a couple miles away. I’ll get it up sometime tomorrow. I’ve got about half the videos ready to go… I’m just trying to spread them out so my website hosting doesn’t flip out and die.


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Seriously, what the hell are Geffen thinking?

Why wasn’t this DVD ever released, these are by far the greatest live videos I have ever seen.

The DVD would have shot by the bucketloads.

(Holds breath).

Thanks weezed.com for releasing these.

Comment by richardv

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