Weezer – Riff Raff

The artist's message was palpable.
September 9, 2008, 11:12 pm
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Check out this Japanese blogger who is creating album art out of food. He’s done Pinkerton and the Green Album from Weezer. I assume that he/she has given a recipe for the album below the picture, but I technically don’t know any Japanese.


Okay choose an undergraduate for me.
April 10, 2006, 11:11 pm
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Since when is this site popular? Easy on the bandwidth, guys…
I’ll take the videos down soon, I guess. 10 GB in a day is too much for a site that’s never updated, I think.

edit- okay they’re down for the month

Giddy, giddy, sleepy, stuff.
December 25, 2005, 7:52 am
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Merry Christmas.

trip report: weezer at avalon boston 5/8/05
May 8, 2005, 11:21 pm
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I just got back from seeing the band perform tonight, and let me tell you, it was awesome. Ringside was ok, kind of unique but kind of boring at the same time. Weezer was awesome. They started with Tired Of Sex, which shredded quite hard. All of the new stuff was very mehhh except for “This Is Such A Pity”, which was awesome, and “We Are All On Drugs”, which made me throw up in my mouth. For those not familiar (probably most of you), the avalon is a pretty small club in boston, right behind fenway. It fits maybe around 2000 people _very_ snuggly. The weather outside was shite, so I spent my free time before the show began in mcdonalds instead of in line. The second I walked through the door and laid eyes on the golden arches, I was accosted by a man looking for weezer tickets. When I told him that I didn’t have any extras, he then asked if I wanted to buy red sox tickets. Ticket scalpers are the official scum of the universe. I might at this time mention that I spent the entire night fearing that my car would be towed/booted, because I was parked in an MBTA paid lot, but there was nobody to pay the money to. Today was a crazy day, because there were two red sox games; one was originally scheduled for today, and the other was postponed from yesterday until today. As a result, there was absolutely no parking in the city. We drove in and parked north of boston, and took the subway the rest of the way. But alas, I digress. We (me and three comrades) hadn’t been inside five minutes before ringside came on. As I mentioned, they were mediocre at best. The weezer merchandise was outrageously expensive; t-shirts were 25, a weezer polo shirt was 40, and hoodies were 60. Needless to say, I didnt get the “Weezer: rocking the bitched since 1994” shirt that I wanted. It’s probably for the better though, since the band has been around since 1992 so the shirt doesn’t make sense anyways. Anyhow, weezer came on after ringside was done, and played a great set. Not a single song from maladroit was played; perhaps they have come to terms with the fact that that album blows. I saw karl sitting in the sound area playing on his laptop, but I didn’t say hi because he had his headphones on. Rivers is the least animated musician I have ever seem. He just stands there, leaned at this bizarre angle, tipped backwards sort of. It is odd. Anyways, when the show was over, we went to store24 and I proceeded to drink a whole 2 litre soda. Then I went home and wrote this. Wow I hope someone reads this because my wrist hurts from typing.

My dragonaire kicked your ass.
November 21, 2004, 8:59 pm
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Seems that the site’s been hit by a spam-bot. But no worries, features have now been implemented that will hopefully prevent this. Some will still appear, since many set post dates in the future… Anyway, if anyone has any trouble posting comments, and you’re not a spam-bot, email me.

Now, down to business. As you may know, I’ve already recieved a free iPod online. Now I’m trying to get a free PC. Now, why should you help me? My current computer clocks in at about 500 MHz, which has made editing videos impossible. A new computer with a fast processor and better ram would allow me to get all these video boot I have online for you.
Secondly, as extra incentive, I’m offering free copies of bootlegs if you sign up for me. If you sign up with me as your referral, I’ll send you 5 bootlegs. If you get someone else to sign up too, I’ll send you 5 more.

What do you have to do for this?
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-Email me at cocoaben@woh.rr.com, telling me the email you signed up with, and the email of anybody else you have referred to my account.
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I don’t care if you refer 5 other people to my account, you’ll get 30 bootlegs. But DO NOT create multiple accounts yourself, it will put my account on hold and kill the entire thing. Lastly, this offer is only open to those in the USA. Help me!

November 11, 2004, 10:08 pm
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Ok ok people… stay with me here… Update coming.
If you don’t see an real update this weekend… wait longer. Yes, I am smirking.

May 19, 2004, 4:32 pm
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Update… soon?

Got a lot going on. Working and finishing up school. Definately some more time after school releases me at the beginning of June.