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At the pinnacle of oblivion, I turn back.
June 15, 2004, 3:45 pm
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Whoa, it’s been awhile! The site was down for a day or so since my domain expired and I forgot to renew it. I should really just pay for 10 years of it, but I guess I’m afraid to commit. Anyway, check out the neat new Weezer lyric search here. You can search by title or by a line if you don’t know the title. I’ve added the Album 5 lyrics to the ones I’ve already had, but I’ll keep working on it until all of the Weezer lyrics are there, readily searchable. You can “search” by album too, if you want to. Just type The Blue Album in and it’ll spit out the ten songs. If you leave the search boxes blank all the lyrics I’ve entered will result. Its still a little ugly, but its functional. Thanks to Poopman for working some of this crazy php for me, I’m really clueless.

Speaking of Poopman, he no longer has money to spend on Weezernation! So be a pal and donate especially since Weezernation hosts this site. Besides hosting the incredible bootleg archive, Poopman has a couple other amazing things lined up, and one is actually near completion. I know, I’ve already put a ridiculous amount of work into it.

Finally, you might recall the St. Paul video I posted last year. Well, there has been another video sold on ebay in the past months that is pro shot, very similar to the Camden video I posted. Unfortunately, this video isn’t being circulated after being bought on ebay. If anyone has the DVD of the 7/9/02 Weezer show email me at cocoaben@woh.rr.com and I’ll hook you up with some singles, vinyl, or bootlegs that I have. C’mon!