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School's out, but the work is not done.
June 9, 2003, 12:22 pm
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Check the video page for an epic performence of Buddy Holly from St. Paul. Click here. Equally as epic, also up on the video page are Buddy Holly and Why Bother from the Reading UK Festival, thanks to Berry. You can also get the SIAS video here. I also updated the Weezine Archive, thanks to the lovely Brend@. I’ll be out and about for the next 10 days, so Steve will have to entertain you for the time being. I have provided him with the next track of St. Paul, so hopefully he’ll get that up in the interim. And if when I come back there’s a single hula dancer or George Bush decorating my website this time, Steve will die. Check the main page for captions. Be back.

[Edit]- I’m not gone yet fuckers.


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stalin approves

Comment by stalin

you jsut want the wait for butterfly to be as long as humanly possible, don’t you?

Comment by name

hmm, I have Butterfly, but I don’t have the pass and stuff to upload to benjis webspace…. BENJI COME BACK!


Comment by Steve

the st.paul buddy holly is not working for me

Comment by tyler

workin for me. steve, email. name, you’re lucky it’s workin out so you don’t have to wait another two weeks. and stalin….. i’m proud to have the communist seal of approval.

Comment by benji

I can’t believe I had to be stalin2@genocide.com. Is there some other stalin who has killed more people then me? I ask you that. This is so embarassing.

Comment by stalin

toooo fast.

Comment by poopman5k

are you sure the last weezine was ‘Winter 1997’??

Comment by poopman5k

no videos are working for me at all

Comment by kevin

me either

Comment by ted

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